OSU Mom a Model for Supporting a Child’s Mental Health

OSU Mom a Model for Supporting a Child’s Mental Health

We could all learn something from Jennifer Carton.

Jennifer’s son—Ohio State University freshman point guard D.J. Carton—recently announced he’d be taking a temporary leave of absence to focus on his mental health.

The move has been met with an array of positive feedback, with everyone from Carton’s coach Chris Holtmann to Cavs star Kevin Love voicing their support for the decision.

But the biggest show of support for D.J. Carton comes from his mother. In a post on Twitter, Jennifer wrote:

“As the parents of DJ Carton, we felt the need to comment on DJ’s situation and HIS decision to take a temporary leave of absence from the Ohio State basketball program. We want to say how proud we are of our son for wanting to make his reasons for taking time off public and the maturity level at which he is tackling what ails him and in the process of doing so, also wanting to help others during his time of rediscovery and healing.”

Jennifer’s encouragement for her son is a stark reminder that parent support is instrumental in tackling mental health issues in children.

Parents play a critical role in knowing when your child needs help. As advised by NAMI, parents with a child suffering from a mental health issue should be respectful and understanding of their child’s feelings.

For more information on helping a child with their mental health, visit the National Alliance on Mental Health.

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