The Emerald Jenny Foundation Creates Path to Addiction Help for Families

The Emerald Jenny Foundation Creates Path to Addiction Help for Families

In February 2016, Jennifer Emerald Ayars lost her battle with drug addiction at age 28.

Like many families, Jenny’s family wanted to do something to help others avoid a similar loss.

“Jenny never said no to someone in need, and it is important to us that her benevolent light did not stop shining,” said Bill Ayars, Jenny’s father. The family created The Emerald Jenny Foundation so “she will continue to burn bright through us and illuminate the people around us.”

The Foundation funded the creation of a website and searchable database of rehabilitation facilities, healthcare providers, counselors, and organizations available to help addicts take those critical first steps toward treatment.

“For all the online advertising and promotion of addiction treatment services and organizations, finding the right treatment facility isn’t easy,” said Ayars. His goal with the Foundation is to give families dealing with addiction a clearer pathway to find help.

“Our goal is that if people are starting to discuss this more openly, we can enhance that conversation and make it clear that it’s OK to talk about it and seek advice,” Ayars said. “In the past year and a half, I believe I’ve only talked to one person who hasn’t been touched by this. Yet, there isn’t a lot of conversation. We’re doing what we can to allow it to be a topic of conversation.”

Click here to search The Emerald Jenny Foundation’s treatment database.

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